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Moneymentals $399 + 2 months @ $499 each

A great financial start early in life

Now is the time to position yourself for a bright financial future! Financial planning isn’t just for people who are about to retire. Maybe you’re ready to start saving for a home purchase, dream vacation or other important goal. We provide trustworthy guidance to help you avoid common mistakes, achieve your goals quickly and turn your vision into reality.

Financial Launchpad takes you from surviving to thriving. First, you’ll start with the Moneymentals course. In this seven-week online course, you’ll learn how to manage cash flow without a budget, automate your saving and build good habits that transform your finances with less effort. Our innovative program helps you spend wisely on what really matters, pay down any debt and get on track for financial freedom.

After completing the Moneymentals course, you’ll have two one-on-one sessions with your financial coach here at Goldman Financial Planning. Your coach will help you refine the Cash Flow Plan you created during the course, balance debt reduction with saving and learn about investing. We’ll also cover other important financial topics like insurance and employee benefits.

Time is on your side. When you start early in life, just a few small adjustments today can mean a very prosperous future!

Discover important habits that can transform your finances: 

  • Learn how to start saving for goals that mean a lot to you.

  • Get the most happiness from your dollar.

  • Start learning about investments.

  • Make the most of your employee benefits.

  • Begin thinking about your basic insurance needs.

  • Address any debt issues with a positive outlook.

  • Learn to practice good money management.

  • Follow a custom action plan to help you stay on track.

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