Michael Goldman, M.A., CFP®, Founder and Financial Coach

Michael C. Goldman, M.A., CFP®, founder of Goldman Financial Planning and one of the firm’s financial coaches, is passionate about helping people identify and reach meaningful life goals through trustworthy financial advice and coaching.

As a financial advisor, he enjoys enabling clients to define short- and long-term goals and use money to help achieve the life they want. Michael enjoys assisting everyday people who often cannot see a top-quality, reliable financial advisor because they lack a large investment portfolio. He likes coaching, teaching and helping bring about a transformation in his clients so they can turn their dreams into reality.

Michael's passion to empower others through expert financial advice and coaching has resulted in two companies. One is Goldman Financial Planning, where he and his team help their neighbors by assisting individuals in Maine and the surrounding area on a one-on-one basis. The other is Wealth Gathering LLC, an online social community emphasizing good financial habits, goal achievement and peer support. Michael founded Wealth Gathering to extend the valuable financial principles he developed to a far broader audience with easy access via the Web. Both companies help individuals connect what is important in life with how they manage their money, bringing trustworthy, affordable financial advice to everyday people.

Through Goldman Financial Planning, Michael assists everyday people by providing trustworthy, practical financial planning advice and coaching based on his extensive experience and the principles of behavioral finance.

Using money-management techniques to live a meaningful and rewarding life is something Michael puts into practice himself. Skillful financial management enabled him to pay for an advanced education and travel extensively, as well as move to Maine. He discovered Maine while completing his master’s degree at New York University and loved the area immediately. Upon moving in 2000, he was able to attend the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport to develop his skills in his favorite hobby, woodworking. He was only at the school a year and a half before he began building his own home, which he completed in 2004. He moved to the Portland area in 2006 and now lives in Yarmouth with his two daughters. Committed to community, he is honored to serve on the board of two charitable organizations.

Behavioral finance has been a strong interest of Michael’s for many years. Intrigued by investing and the behavioral influences involved in market fluctuations, he attended University of Texas at Austin to complete his honors thesis on the relationship between consumer sentiment and stock market price movements. He continued to research behavioral finance while completing his master's degree in New York.

Michael eventually took a position at a talent selecting and developing firm, where he became a proficient coach. He enjoyed helping individuals change their behavior to achieve specific goals. He gained extensive knowledge and experience that included coaching programs for hundreds of executives, managers and professionals at Fortune 500® companies.

Today, Michael’s background, knowledge, skills and passion enable him to make a positive, lasting impact. His professional certifications and affiliations back up the quality of his services. Having completed the rigorous CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional requirements for CFP® certification, Michael carries the CFP® mark of distinction. 

Michael’s membership in the Garrett Planning Network, the premier organization for independent, fee-only financial advisors, demonstrates his commitment to making objective and competent advice available to people from all walks of life through hourly, fee-only financial planning. His certification with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) places him in the top professional association of fee-only advisors in the country. As a NAPFA-registered financial advisor, he has taken a strict fiduciary oath and meets extensive continuing education requirements.

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