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At Goldman Financial Planning, our goal is to surprise you with our excellent service, not with high fees! We look forward to empowering you to achieve your goals, and our fee structure is part of that:

  • No commissions and no bias: Unlike many financial advisors, Goldman Financial Planning does not sell stocks, annuities or insurance policies. Therefore, we do not receive commissions or kickbacks for recommending certain financial products. We work just for you because we are paid just by you.

  • No minimum asset requirements: Because you do not have to meet any minimum asset requirements, you can get top-notch financial advice even if you lack a large investment portfolio.

  • Transparent, fee-only rates: For Life Stage Planning services, the fees you pay are flat, project-based charges. For Ongoing Support, we charge either a flat monthly subscription or a percentage of the investments we manage.

  • All-inclusive fees: Our fees are all-inclusive for each service package, so you know exactly what you’re paying and what services you’re receiving. There are no add-on fees, transaction fees or unexpected charges after you select a package.

Please see the Services page for current pricing.  

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