Our approach emphasizes both financial planning and ongoing support to help ensure your success. Most of our clients begin with the Gatherful Life Plan. After completing the planning process, you can select an Ongoing Support option to help keep your financial life on track.

You’re not required to make an ongoing commitment to engage us for financial planning. We also do not require a minimum portfolio size for you to participate in Ongoing Support.

Financial Planning

How do your finances line up with the latest chapter in your life? As your financial life unfolds, you’re always faced with new challenges. Our planning process helps guide you through life's transitions while taking the mystery out of personal finance. Together, we’ll figure out where you want to go and build a custom action plan to get you there.


Gatherful Life Plan

4 to 5 sessions @ $600/session

Our holistic planning process tailored to your needs. Work collaboratively with a CFP® professional for four to six months to craft your plan. You'll learn through the process and receive a detailed plan that addresses the critical financial questions you are facing at this stage of your life journey.


Fast Track Plan

3 sessions @ $1500/session

For our busiest clients who need to accelerate our typical planning process. We'll commit more resources to complete the planning process in about half the time.


Working Session

1 session @ $800

A limited-scope session with an experienced CFP® professionals to address one or two critical topics. We work in real time to educate you about your options and recommend actions.


Ongoing Support

Continuing to help make your plan happen

Are you looking for help to implement your financial plan or manage your investments? Maybe you’re able to do it yourself but would like a little assistance from Goldman Financial Planning. Perhaps you’re too busy or uninterested in managing your own portfolio. We can help take care of the financial details so you can focus on enjoying your life!

How can we help you on your financial life journey?



Help is standing by

Plan: Meet with us annually for a plan update, emailing your questions throughout the year as needed.

Do it yourself with our advice.



We offer proactive advice

Plan: Meet quarterly to check in, get a full plan update yearly and consult with us by phone for answers to your questions.

We take care of it for you using a model portfolio of index mutual funds.



We take care of you

Plan: Meet as often as you want and receive all the planning you need.

Invest: We implement advanced portfolio strategies in a custom portfolio that includes tax optimization, and we “immunize” against rising interest rates as outlined in our investing approach.


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